When All Else Fails

Written by: Ronald Bingham


Hanging from a ledge on this slippery slope,
my arms are weary from clutching this rope!
All alone and heart filled with fear,
as visions pass by so crystal clear!

The love of a woman back home is why I cling to this rope so tight, 
the thought of never holding her again fills my heart with fright.
I don't want to die, but I am becoming too weak,
as I gaze at the ground, so far below, as I hang from this peak!

Lord where are you, can't you hear my pleas?
I'm begging for mercy, oh please, please, please!
A loud clap of thunder from out of the blue, and the feeling of someone taking hold of me,
then a voice so tender, “ I heard you son now take a hold of that tree.”

Where did it come from, I'm sure it wasn't there before?
As I summit the top I never dreamed I would see what this day would have in store!
Safe to return now to the one I love,
and I say a silent thank you to my Father above!