Lost and Becoming Found

Written by: Destiny Orschell

Where are you? Trapped in an endless run of the you I used to see…
You lost yourself somewhere in getting here and now all you want is the girl in your memory.
There are things I know you couldn’t tell me and believe me I really do understand.
Some things might be too dark to tell your little sister, I guess that’s why he was your best 
He knew how to draw out the poison that had been feeding on your soul
And with him I know you were never lost, you were never alone, and you were always whole.
I encouraged you to follow your heart even though it harmed the friendship we had started 
to lack.
You came to me crying and I didn’t know what to do to heal a broken heart or fix a stab in 
the back.
He left most of you in ruins, but some part of you we never found, some part of you he kept.
I listened to every word you said and held you as tears fell into the ice cream soup as you 
You receded into yourself, became a shadow of the girl I once at the chance to know.
For the longest time you were a stranger, but hints of the old you have been starting to 
My arms are open waiting for the you the for so long now I have wanted to embrace,
And if you finally do come back then lose yourself again remember you’re welcome in this