another empty thought ..

Written by: Tarek Al Sabouni

Never ending thoughts of endless matters
Just seem to vacate my heavy brain
One keeps coming that what if time shatters
Among ourselves and within our veins

What if I stand and yell GO BACK
Go back for the love of god if you may!
A decade of time is all I lack
To be another one with no mistakes

But no you wont for you never do
Leaving me here to suffer and weep
Why have I and why not?! .. starring at you
With eyes full of blood .. for they never sleep

I wish I did that and I wish I didn’t
But you don’t care oh great TIME you are
You never stop.. I bet you couldn’t!
Just a bigger puppet how miserable you are

That’s just my thought .. the one of many
Crazy or insane I may be perhaps
But just look back and watch how many
Have gone simply mad over such facts