NAÏVE BRAIN … ( back stabbed )

Written by: Tarek Al Sabouni

For a second there
in my lousy little life
there used to be a someone
who made me smile
and to me
I have this rule
Never to hate someone
That once made me smile
But the feeling is inexplicable
When that specific someone
Put an ice cold dagger in my back
fire burning lava in my throat
When I knew a truth that I shouldn’t have
A truth that shouldn’t exist as a truth
And for a second there
In that little lousy life of mine
With my little naive brain
And my heart blinded by kindness
I thought .. I believed more like it
That this someone
Felt back what I felt
Or ever at least shared a thought
But you I thank
You who stood there at that very moment
To show me the light
Out of a dark night
Of fake hopes and false thoughts
To lead me to shore
In a sea only covered by foggy misery
But I tell that someone
That if good ever returned to bad
What bad did to good
Then you would’ve seen a day
Where good is no better than bad
And smartness is not empty talk
Its not talk at all
But beware what a smart one thinks
Or what he does
and fear him most
The heart beats for two
For love it beats
And for truth
These are my thoughts
I live by them
They live in me
And if these thoughts
Are dumb
I never want to be smart.