An OldCity

Written by: ana dianne fajilan

 A fellow humor smoothens a sight
When armor links and began to fight
Archers lowered when they pass
And whistle a blow as they has

The shadow call for shine
Or it twinkle every line
When you should laughed to faught to signed
It never hump so they will be kind

Even a sweet tame 
Or as a long fame
When there was no grain
You looked liked a chain

T he room was dark
And hallowed fall was mark
When glamorous sings for every hived
It takes sweet fall of blind

It touches foot of stone
For nothing was left alone
On the city where no one was called
When an angel drops a human fold

As the buffalos came along to string
to far along
And wind blows like a whistle song

Every street was full of darkness
Every rocky street was full of happiness
When it shievers a lot 
When was the las time of pot

Hollyness was gone
When thieves came along to fun
No One ever thaught
Of kindness of every man they caught

It shares a lot for me
But how can you be a great bee
When a lot of humors came to flee
And a danger zone came to be.

As people cry for humanity
No one else came for their dignity
Every divine divinity
Was hung for sadness and humility

I t takes a walk for every mile of hope
To share a light to cope
It solds a  mine for them to eat
And wash thier own feet.