An Unlimited Friend

Written by: Chuck Keys

An Unlimited Friend
                        Authored by Chuck Keys

She walks on words in flight
tainted with her beauty beyond delight
a destroyer she is not, a poet she is rare
friend and critic a pair always there.

Her words flow with love and flair
of life beyond repair, there to dare,
endless breadth encased in the heat of passion
of life and intensity beyond apprehension.

Her heart moves with so much of all she inhales
never filled always room for more for those in need.
To be her friend is soft and reciprocal
Never having to look, but always present and ready.
To swim in her arms of care, angelic and pure at heart
we talk with words that are silent, feelings unspoken,
not in our arms but together in thought,
sensed and deep, tender and mutual, inside us both without words,
a friend unlimited how lucky am I, sidney lee ann, Godbless to you.