Written by: rinki nandy

you are the epitome of goodness, 
you are the person God loves to bless, 
you tell me to smile, 
you took no one's heart but mine, 
you taught me a lesson of living, 
you showed there is joy in giving, 
you are always with me, 
you wonder what so special which attracts me, 
you wander in the darkness with me, 
you create a beautiful world like a halo around me, 
you are the one who without complaining tolerates me, 
you are crazy to love me, 
you give me the strength to hope, to dream, 
you fool me with your generosity, 
you kill my curiosity, 
you don't let me realize my loss in the fantasy, 
you make me realize how naive i can be, 
you make me love and hate you at the same time, 
you led me into a world of dilemma, 
you are baseless i know, 
you make me senseless i know, 
you love me nevertheless i know, 
you haven't an existence though, 
you got no presence though, 
your knowledge of an illusion is thorough, 
you create no confusion or sorrow, 
you are only an illusion i borrow.