wishing to drift away

Written by: Dana Teske

the clock speeding away every tock is a  slap in the face
1am and then 2am and yet your nowhere to be seen 
worry eats at me like a moth to a cloth and anger is deep with in
the fire of it just waiting to bust with out 
yet its my fault tis the truth my failures haunt me like a revenging ghost
nowhere to hide and nothing else to do but face reality that i had went down the wrong 
dread is my friend and together we wait out till the end 
sun barely shines when you walk in
tears and frustrate are at my wits end 
you reek of poison that you can not control when you drink it 
never in my life had i wanted to harm you intill this final moment 
your breaking my heart cant you see
but the poison clouds your vision and the wall is up and 
all i hear as i walk away is your sicken laughter and maybe
if i listen close enough i might hear " i am sorry mom"
i close my tired eyes and i bandage my damage heart
i drift away intill another day