Written by: Jeralynn Clark


When you look deep within your mind or your soul,
where is your HOPE  and what does it look like?

How deep is the ravine that carry the waters of wisdom
and the relentless desire to be fulfilled? 

Do you wander in a forest of self determination
Knowing you either succeed or fail?

What is to be ; is to be, but by your design.
For only disappointment  will be your gain

And you will move on
To desire one more thing

What lack of soul lies deadened by man's mind?
Such limits placed on oneself, mere acceptance.

Overtaken by the drudge of earthly pleasure and sustenance.
Is it hope for fame or fortune; bread and water?

Or is HOPE alive within your soul?
The promise that all that is given will serve to your goal.

The desires of the soulheart, the ravine so deep, so fragile, yet; relentless.
Yearning for a Love so great,  as to almost deny the thought.

Fear if you have not found it! Are you lost in the muck?
It is there for the taking. You do not need luck.

Trust in the future, Love you will find.
Patience my soulheart, HOPE has been mine.