We Must Have Faith

Written by: Ronald Bingham

I try so very hard to get it right,
and be pleasing in our Savior's sight.
But sometimes past mistakes will seek you out,
and cloud your thoughts and fill you full of guilt and doubt!

That is where FAITH comes into play,
when we are forgiven all past errs are washed away!
When we repent and are baptized unto the Lord,
all past things we can disregard.

But Satan tries to break us down,
he doesn't want us to receive our crown.
That is why we need to stay strong in God's Word,
so our vision is never blurred.

Our Bible is our daily guide,
that is why we need to keep it close to our side.
Prove all things the scripture says for us to do,
Don't take no man at his word, till you know his words are true.