Written by: Jared Pickett

I've seen Paris
I've seen Greece
I've even seen Venice
money well spent 
to achieve divine peace

I've hitchhiked through the desert
walked the Manhattan streets
played imaginary football with cactus
ran a marathon in a city made of concrete

met many faces 
let many of them go
turned my back, without looking back
poetic verses now grow.

went to a black and white ball in the hills
played basketball in the slums
partied with many different cultures
hell, that's what makes life fun

I've seen prejudice
and all the pain it brings
I've seen blacks and Jews persecuted
in their favor i choose to sing

I've seen the religious ethics
of churches world wide
heard many sermons, different principles
i will not choose a side

traveled one hundred thousand miles
from coast to coast,
swam naked in the river Nile
invited Ghandi, played his host

I have lived in in the ghetto, 
ate my dumplings fried,
spent countless nights at Hilton,
there's a limitless fortune in this mind.

Jared Pickett