La Luna....Goddess of the moon

Written by: June Fone

I dreamt one night, of a beautiful sight,
a creature, as pale as the moon,
She came to my bed, emblazoned in light,
so bright, I could not see my room,

Her skin was so soft, with a luminous glow,
her long hair, a silvery white,
but it was her eyes that would not let me go,
though I fought,( not as hard as I might!),

She lay beside me, her breath cooled the air,
smiling, she whispered her name,
Oh Luna!, sweet Luna!, what you did wasn't fair!,
now my life, it just isn't the same!

Now when I lie here, it's not easy to sleep,
for, I've fallen in love in my dreams!,
La Luna, my lover, is the secret I keep,
and she's never as cold as she seems!.