A tearful meaning

Written by: Steve Harvell

It's there my tears fall like rain with the thought of loving you. 
It's there my heart feels the pain of such emotion. 
It's there my mind is as I count the hours away from you. 
They say love is like a river. 
It leaves your soul to bleed as mine flows a stream being far from you. 

My life is that of a joy since I have found you near. 
It is that of smiles and cheerful hello's as well as goodbyes. 
It is my every waken moment I breathe you. 
I live you as I long to have you near me. 
As everyday I fight the erge not to cry because of the way I love you. 

Its there my tears fall because of the love I have lost but at the same time 
its the love I have gain. 
But its there I never want these moments to stop. 
That of the feelings that exsist between the two. 
That of my soul being complete but not lost in life.
But that of myself I have found because now I am whole and not a lost soul 
as a ghost wondering the land. 
Because now I have all a man could ask for. 
A loving woman and wife and a companion til the end. 
That I no longer have to cry myself to sleep at nights because I have you to catch 
the tear that fall. 
Cause you are the reason I cry now because all the love I have found in you. 
I love you much