Camping is :

Written by: Gail Blakeley

Tiny, angel faced, fuzzy headed, little girls with baggy pants, bowed legs, toddling about.

A Wet Minnie Mouse towel hanging on a makeshift clothesline,
alongside others with college logos's and Elvis ;

Fifty something year old women in skimpy, ill fitted bathing suits,
unaware that gravity has shifted when they were not looking ;

Noisy, gas, golf carts loaded with teenage boys,
looking for golf carts loaded with teenage girls ;

Pot bellied, old men looking at golf carts full of teenage girls...wistfully ;

A big swimming pool full of screaming kids, splashing and pushing
their very best pal under the water ;

Cooking aroma's wafting through the park at five o'clock each evening ;

Camp fires burning until dawn ;

Fat ladies eating huge piles of ice cream stacked on a cone, 
vowing to diet next week ;

a young couple with two babies renting a cheap, on-sight camper,
waiting for fancier digs, when they hit the lottery ; 

A young father, beer bottle in hand, pushing a child in a stroller round and 
round the park, until the baby falls asleep ;

Old men pulling into the park with rigs costing more than a house,
not to be out done by the guys that came before  them.