Down....(from a common man)

Written by: Jim David

Don't tell me I won't like's not for you to decide.
Don't tell me how to raise my children...we're doin' just fine.
Don't tell me not to worry about the economy.... you're not livin' back with mom.
Don't tell me not to agonize over the Gulf spill...well, I'll stop when I see one of THEM start!
Don't tell me the "Republicans" and the "Democrats".... it's all a smokescreen anyway.
Don't tell me terrorists are up to no good...I have a sneaky feeling neither are YOU!!
Don't tell me to feed the children of the world.... let's start with our own!
Don't tell me to save the planet..... from the window of your European S.U.V.
Don't tell me I'm wrong.... who made you right?

Don't tell me you're not keeping me down....and kindly take your foot off my neck!!!!