Last Day

Written by: Destiny Orschell

I smile like everything’s normal so I don’t ruin anything for you,
But there’s something I’m not telling you. I’m sorry, but it’s true.
I’m going to make this day perfect so you remember me this way,
I’m going to be the strong girl you always admired and live like it’s yesterday.

I’m going to fight this through to the end I won’t go easily.
If I try hard enough maybe I won’t lose you. Maybe they won’t take me.
I won’t fade peacefully into the darkness of the never ending night
And I’m sure as hell not walking straight into that bright light.

I suppose I should say my goodbyes, but the words don’t leave my lips when I try.
Maybe it’s true. Maybe I really am scared of what it’s like to die,
But I’ve never been a frightened little girl; I kept a brave face and showed no fear
That’s why there is still something on my mind that you have yet to hear.

Would you hate me for not telling you the secret…the truth I refused to say?
Would you understand why I didn’t tell you that this was going to be my last day?