Is She The One?

Written by: Destiny Orschell

My best friend, he’s practically my brother,
He tells me almost everything especially things like he loves her.
It’s happened a few times before and I always ask “Is she the one?”
“She laughs at all my jokes, she’s pretty, and she thinks I’m fun.”
We tally the scores and place a small bet to see who will win;
Will she stay for a lifetime or will something do this relationship in?
They make it for quite a while, but in the end I still won;
Because as it turns out the girl who stole his heart, she wasn’t the one.
I help him back on his feet and tell him everything will be okay
And he laughs and smiles and says “Yeah, who needs her anyway.”
A few years passed and things went on the same
And eventually I began to think that love was just a silly hurtful game,
But one day he said something I’ve never heard before “You’re an amazing girl.
You’ve helped me through tough times and you’re like a rare priceless pearl
I wouldn’t trade you for anything, not a girl who calls me fun, likes to run, or even to play in the sun.
I finally figured it all out. The girl you see in the mirror she’s the one.”