God Bless America

Written by: Marycile Beer

God Bless America

Our 4th of July started
With fireworks all around
Lightening streaked, zig zagged and zoomed
While thunder created, the necessary boom

And as a good measure
God sent a torrent of rain
To put off or put out 
Fires to save our plains

So on go my mud boots and out the door I go
I'm on my way to church 
But when I hit that mud hole
I thought God had left me in the lurch

I tried to pull forward
But all it would do was spin
So I put it in reverse
And gave her the gas again 

It took a bit of urging
Finally it gave a jerk
When I had backed up far enough
I took it from reverse

Then I drove forward
Careful, but hopefully in control
I held my breath as through the drive 
And down the lane I rolled

When I got to church
Father met me with a smile
I shook his hand and said 
"I made it Father, though it took a while" 

When Father Fox started Mass
The first words he did say
"Well folks it looks like
We've already had our fireworks today"

Cile Beer 
July 4, 2010