i'll miss you

Written by: Osazee Johnson

May the day bring forth spring
Shades of life like the shape of your heart
Watching the Lilly blossom just holding you seems awesome
Let me walk in your shoes just like when I take you to shows.
May I be the reason you forget and hope that I be what you never regret.

Don’t worry so don’t say sorry
Not all hurts seems hot.
Not all sway makes men stay
But I choose to wait even if it slays.
I’ll miss you

If I could be your man then there comes a time supreme.
If you choose your moon then I will be your noon.
If only it all happened soon so we could feel the boon.
If we go to the waters I promise I wouldn’t leave you with wither so you don’t have to be
with her sister when she’s saying beat her.
If life could only be a gleam but now I’m taking you to my stream.

Don’t say sorry so don’t worry
Not all hot brings hurts.
Not all men stay even when you sway
Yet it slays  still I’ll wait.
I’ll miss you .