Running on water

Written by: Chrissy Downing

He doesn’t know the extent of it.
How much I have actually let him into my heart.
Foolishly I let myself fall into a pool of dazzling water.
Now I cannot find my way out as I start to drown.
I never have let myself become such a mess over a man.
Now at the thought of him I am resolved to almost nothing.
I am afraid to admit the truth to even myself, but it’s there sitting in the front of my mind.
I cannot hide from it much longer.
These things I have started to feel there not normal, I think.
But how could it ever be. 
He creeps into my thoughts every moment, though I wish they would just dissipate.
I am sinking deeper into this pool; it seems to have unthinkable depths.
I was not expecting this.
Why can I not hide from these long hidden fears?
Trying to run from them is impossible.
Running on water I have never thought to be possible.
It is like trying to climb a latter without steps.
As I except what I have done to myself I feel joy.
The water that has taken hold of me is beautiful and comforting.
I know in a way I am safe, as long as I come up for air every now and then.
I now start to tread the water, no more sinking or drowning for me.
It may seem it was a simple thing, but love is a more complicated creature than one would think.