The sun can rise just as it can set

Written by: Chrissy Downing

A person’s view on life
Is what they take from day to day
And in what ways the knowledge they find
May be useful in their mind
Days will come and days will go
But what may happen we won’t know
I’ve seen life in many forms
In joy and happiness
In anger and sorrow
Come tomorrow it all starts again
With each new morning comes a new day
A day to find grief, truth, or belief
To make something better of yourself
To find joy, fear, love, anything
People believe that with age comes wisdom
But I believe with experience comes wisdom
Some of us older, some of us younger
I have seen death, I have seen life
I have seen childhood, I have seen parenthood
I have seen my beginning, I have seen my ending
And I have seen all you can imagine in between
Life is a gift
Don’t be afraid of it, embrace it
Live it to the fullest
Breathe each breath as if it could be your last
Take a chance and tell that special person you love them
Because you never know 
You may not be able to do it tomorrow
The sun can rise just the same as it can set