Don't Stop Fighting

Written by: Chrissy Downing

The Haunting thoughts of the Darkness I once knew won’t stop flashing across my memory.
 It took the ones close to my heart, failing with only a few.
 The ones that did fall were killed in cold blooded Murder, no warning, no chance to say good-
 After watching these horrors, feeling the pain I’ve felt, it then tried to take me.
 But I wouldn’t let it.
 I have too much to live for and have yet to begin my Life.
 All of the Pain and sorrow I’ve seen and felt… 
It’s too much to have lived through to give up my life that easily.
 I have to be strong for the ones who are still here and Keep Fighting for the ones who cannot.
 Sometimes it is inevitable.
 There is no veering off the path life has dealt you, but there is always HOPE. 
Though each day I will Remember what I and many others have lived through, I will also hold in 
my memory the ones I’ve lost, the ones many others have lost, and the ones still here fighting 
this battle each day.
 I am just recovering from the War that raged in my body, my Scars penetrating deeper that the 
surface can show.
 To the families and friends who have fought, won, lost, and watched loved ones fight, we are 
not in this fight Alone.
 Someday, somehow, I will help find a Cure, be it by charity, research, or word of mouth. 
One day we will beat CANCER.
But don’t stop fighting, you can never stop fighting.