True Dragons

Written by: Grace EunSong Lee

In mount caves of the West, rich of looted gold
Sleep scaled beasts of fiery breath and poisoned wings
But son, look to the Eastern seas and there behold –
The majestic and the true, the great Dragon Kings!

They ride trains of cloud through azure skies
Bringing rain to bless the wilting land
Through epochs they have climbed, the most wise
A thousand years clutched in one clawed hand. 

It is an orb of pearl that they have earned
Some say it fell from a blossoming heaven
The Imugi that catches it is to Dragon turned
Entrusted with power to guard kingdoms of men.

No wings do they need that flap and scare away;
For true kings don’t rely on anything but their might
They breathe not dark fires; their souls shan’t decay
Carving rivers and seas, they bring hope and light.

So son, you need not fear of the dragons in false lore
That fly through towns, destroying with fire and shade
Instead, watch for these emperors prevailing through yore
These are the true Dragons, and their lights never fade.


FYI: The dragons I am speaking of here are those from Eastern tales -- the Asians have always viewed dragons as benevolent creatures that bless and benefit mankind. Here's a link to a graphic pic to guide your imagination...