Micheal Jackson For Ever In My Heart

Written by: Patricia Opel Jaye

Just sitting thinking of you oh how I wish I could see you how I wish I could hear the birds
calling your name I just wish I could ease the pain my days or lonely a space so open a 
space so filled with blue why did you have to go I just wish I could have been that friendly

Just sitting outside your window pain to chase away the madness the crazy rumors all the 
lies to chase away the ones that brought you pain I loved you from a little boy ABC 1 2 3 I
oh how I wish it was just you and me you brought me so much joy I never doubted your

truth that came  from your heart Oh Michael I wish I could hold you just to say it's okay my
heart brakes from time to time as I just sit in my chair looking at you wishing you was here
one day when the morning comes one day the pain will all be done I hope I can look at a 

star and see you are not too far I loved you from the very beginning I love you even more
now I'll love you to the end of time as I sit here now with tears in my eyes someday 
I hope your eyes will meet mine.

Copyright July 2010