The Endangered Dream

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

Roaming about in the valley of love
I saw an enchanting dream
To hold on to the treasure trough
Of purity of soul and self esteem

Cross swords with the demons of lust
That swallow the serenity of souls
                     Neither my soul to greed entrust
Love and compassion to be my goals

Virtues that flower in the thought’s garden
Dazzle the eyes with the rainbow of colors
A  comforting word is a paradise bliss laden
To banish anguish provide succors

My lofty resolve was to be steadfast and just
Undaunted in sunshine and rain
Smilingly in all adversities and failures adjust
The luck awards me a shackle or puts me in chain

The devil stood on my way wearing an ugly face
With designs to undo my dream
With an aim to see me end up in disgrace
With electrifying speed he raised his team 

Would my dreams survive the onslaught of devil 
Should I walk out and quit the race
Would my unsheathed sword of tenacity subdue the evil 
Alone I may not this goliath successfully face

But what if you lend me your hand
Together we can win with grace
And Devil’s designs to quarantine send
Vanquished we can destroy the evil’s trace