Spoken Not by Me

Written by: sandy wilson

I miss you,
I miss your grip,
Your hold on life, 
The way you holded mine,
Like a dream or image, 
You pop in my head every once  awhile, 
Fade out & back, 
Remembering how happy I was, 
with you I was floating, 
It was the closes thing I got to a good, 
I felt so naked too bare, 
I let go, 
But like they say now the lessons learned I was touched and now I'm burned, 
Two passing boats take turns reminding me how it was, 
To sneak out,
Make out under the stars, 
No one knows what we had,
I called it love you called it so much more than that 
I gave you my heart you candy coated it, 
Not a day went by with you on my mind, 
Your smell the way your arms wrapped around,
You hurt me so much I gave you everything 
And soon after you wanted none of it

Your hands leave burns,
Scares upon my chest, 
I gave you my heart you drowned me with in, 
Say I love you and can never take it back,
I trick my mind 
you were bad, 
sucking my life away, 
Killing me slowly, 
Maybe your the reason I cry at night
Head to the pillow with out a fight,
Maybe your why i'm so screwed up,
For now love doesn't exist, 
I keep close, 
For as far as people know I'm fine
Chances are far upon,
Last thing I'll do is go back to the past, 
Lies scorned life, 
Hormones before head, 
When once my words were spoken by someone else, 
Taken advatange, 
Now I choose to say what needs to be said, 
I speak my mind, 
For I shall never revisit that night