Losing Life

Written by: Faire Lucas

My friend AJ and I walked down the street
Listening to music, on Twitter we tweet
Then suddenly I hear the steps following 
And I turn to a Wood Pecker, a tree hollowing
I laugh off my jumpiness and turned back to AJ
As she stares out into the street, relaxation missing
So my head turns too as I look out and see
A tall woman and man staring down at me
At first my throat swells and then I finally get out
“Excuse me, sir, ma’am, please watch out”
As we try to go around, they block our path
AJ looks up at the woman, I at the man
Listening to my heart race I quickly run around
AJ tries to follow but they’ve got her on the ground
Hearing her screams kept my legs moving
Too late, my mind said, you were showing
The fear,
The hope, 
The life I’d be losing…