Written by: Patricia Gregory

I’m writing this expression of gratitude just for You
Giving my thanks to You for being here seeing me through
My many storms, my ups and downs
Through out all of them You are always around
You never let me walk through any of my problems alone
Even when it feels like I’m being toss and thrown
You are always a step ahead standing on Your throne
I don’t know what I would ever do without You
You are my rock, my strength and my tower too
I wish for others to feel the same way that I do
Wanting to have a wonderful close relationship with no one but You
This feeling of peace, joy and happiness
Out of life with so much sadness sometimes makes no sense
It is just something that can’t be explained
I Thank You My heavenly Father for easing the pain
There’s nothing but gratitude deep down in my heart
Because you always show up and do Your part.

Psalms 145:6b
…….and I will declare thy greatness.