Just outside

Written by: Ana Alicia

And there, there, infront of me a garden,
There, there is a wall needed to be painted,
There, there, back and forth, back and forth
A single drop falls from this soul

And there is great green grass
Green grass in great expanse
 With a far, far away wall,
Waiting to be painted 

To my left there is some clean soil,
The soil guards a secret
A secret to be discovered,
 Not so far away from the now but just going to the then. 

Back and forth here this body lays
And another drop falls from this soul,
And just like that the far, far away wall is painted
Colors everywhere just in a blur, then with some form.

There it goes on the far, far away wall,
There you can see sunshine, dandelions, lilacs and a forest
There, there, now can be seen, but then it changes
There’s a flash of hope and there is a rainbow.

There, there always changin’,
Never the same
And this soul is afraid
Of what there is to see
And what is to come by.