Written by: William Kershaw

She is the mother place of all humanity.
From her womb was birthed the first man.
The first self aware and inventive beast,
Standing erect, carrying tools of his own invention.

Science tells us that in the beginning....
All men were black of skin, Negroid of features,
With very limited amounts of body hair.
Befitting of the Continent that bore them.

Great civilisations rose and fell on her bosom.
In Egypt, Kush, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ghana,
While cities like Khartoum, Axum and Timbuktu rose,
We pale-skinned peoples were still living in caves.

Remember Stanleyville and Leopoldville and Carthage.
Remember Rhodesia, Zaire and Zimbabwe. Remember.
Tribes, not nations, in Rwanda, Sudan, Chad, at war.
Little peace, if any, protects the innocent and weak.

Still, the peoples are joyful and positive in outlook.
The Fishermen of Eritrea and Capetown, laugh for the fish.
The Masai, since the dawning of time, are cattlemen.
While Ethiopia is home to the oldest continuous Christian church.

Africa is a land no man may conquer but all men desire.
A continent where desert sands or jungles easily swallow,
And digest entire civilisations, leaving only scant traces.
I cannot but love the Continent and its inhabitants.