Late at night

Written by: rinki nandy

Watching me with those creepy eyes, i hear noises of a man who cries, 
you are back again to startle me, with your demonic hands you cradle me, 
ghouls from the past haunt my mind, only a night it takes to rewind, 
will this journey last a lifetime? , the aura of fear has me blind.

You were standing close to me as i slept, not yours but my heart which wept, 
i shuddered in fear as the nightmare woke me up, 
memoirs of my burnt house broke me up, 
had i not tried to escape? .....when i felt your breath on my nape.

So long since i have known you, strange i am to the familiar you, 
why is it me that you follow? ....with your eyes so hollow, 
i know not the reason why....i dare not question and cry, 
when you pulled me with such power....only the dead try. 

I called the psychic that day, with hair so gray, 
said he sees an evil ray, 
said he can't help me today, send me blessings so i live to see the sun rays, 
his exit led to more fear, wished to leave the place without a tear, 
hoped to live without you being near, 
this life...i won't share.

Before dusk you made me yours, 
you ordered me not to venture outdoors, 
i had not known my soul that night, i opened my eyes with all the might, 
your force so intense i couldn't fight, soon i lost all my sight, 
possessed i was, you killed me tonight, will never open my eyes to a day so bright, 
people look at me with so much fright, they know now what happens late at night.