Written by: Jedidiah Andrew

The voice of the night 
Shrouded in hushed tones
Shadows swift and unendingly changing shape
As though on an uneasy but protracted break.

The land in silence is laid
Dancing and merrymaking having gone to rest
Rumination at its peak, roaming at its ebb
Beings crouching behind closed bars.

Grimly hidden from sight is the laughing sun
Left only with the bold stare of the moon
The stars scantily twinkling on and off
Every sound magnified as though a boom.

We hear again, early on the morrow
The proud piercing strill of the strutting cock
Giving life to silence and shadows alike
Awaking great but otherwise sleeping giants.

We were dead but now we rise
With strength recovered and renewed
Bustling energies ready to face the new day's challenges
Thanking God for a safe passage through the tunnel.