Impression: A scene from an empty urban apartment.....(a psychic's rendering)

Written by: Jim David

"Man, I love that Dire Straits song "Brothers In Arms" ", he said in the kitchen
"That Hammond organ just takes me drifting..."
Through wormholes and lunar craters in a UFO.
Friends, nuclear waste, pain, insomnia, vacuum salesmen, all disappear in a single tone.
"Rosie!!!...bring me a Listerine soaked tissue for my cold sore...Ahh! That's the medicine!"
She struts by in a pair of Spandex boxer shorts, like a groupie at a gig.
So far from the Sci-fi convention where they first met
Not the old "wine and dine" for them, no sir!
He set the trap and baited her with Tid-Bits of his inner self, painfully bare.

From humble beginnings, a love, long and true, exists in quiet majesty.