Written by: ahellas Alixopulos

A badly framed picture
by someone
who didn't understand
just how important 
this moment was.
A very young woman
standing in front of
the Eiffel Tower.
Framed by the half curve
of the base,
the line of her body,
a little self conscious,
extends to the line of the tower,
which leads up to
a wintry Parisian sky,
high clouds and cold blue,
that you sometimes see
in old French paintings.
I look at her familiar face,
with its sort of quizzical pride.
"Look, it's me!
I'm in Paris, can you believe
that I could ever do this?
"Yes", I think, "Yes!",
remembering all those sad, low,
and confused past times, when
I told you over and over,
that I knew you could.
Just a snapshot.