Written by: Mike Butler

As dawn floats calmly in my
bedroom, moving slowly
across the room.  She begins
caressing my nude foot evenly,
waking my strength and 
stiffness to a glorious 
good morning.
Her quiet warmth and light
gently brushes my cheek.
I open my eyes and breath a 
sigh of release,
as her heat
hovers and rises 
above my sheets,
drowning me in tenderness.
My body tingles, then
stirs as birds 
chirp and sing 
on easy trees.
The aroma of coffee
and comfort arouses my 
senses as they fall from a 
breeze through an 
open window.
I long to fool around 
in this moment all morning, 
but life requires me to 
launch my routine.
I stretch for heaven, and yawn,
as dawn floats calmly away.