Thirty Seven

Written by: Blythe Journey

Awoke at 6:37 after hitting snooze
Thirty seven times with 
Thirty seven aches and pains
To thirty seven worn out bones
And as I washed my face for
Thirty seven seconds of cold water
I lifted my head to the mirror and noticed
3 forehead wrinkles and 7 zits….hmmmmm
I walk past the mirror and as I dress realize
The thirty seven dimples in my ass
Immediately retreating to the eliptical
For thirty seven minutes
I get a call from my mother reminding me
That thirty seven years ago, she became my mom
And I realize that I am thirty seven million times
Grateful of the thirty seven years of love 
I think about the thirty seven years ahead of me
And the more than thirty seven times I’ll examine
My wrinkles and remember they were born of 
Thirty seven years worth of smiles and tears
What a great day to be thirty seven
I believe I’ll celebrate with less than thirty seven
Glasses of wine and laugh at least thirty seven 
Times as I surround myself with those that love me
And luckily I’m so inlove and I can retreat to 
The arms of a handsomely wonderful man
And whisper about how awesome it is to be
Thirty seven and if he’s lucky
Theres something else
I may do thirty seven times