Life On Hold.....

Written by: Kirstie Fontes

Always on the verge
of what is to come.
Waiting for that feeling
of peace when it's done.

I'm holding my breath,
but I can't let it out.
No sense of release,
I can't cry, I can't shout.

This feeling of dread,
it just won't stop.
Like I'm always waiting
for the other shoe to drop.

I'm standing on the sidelines,
and my life is the game.
A no-win situation
that always ends the same.

The tension I feel
just keeps growing, and growing.
The wear and tear of this stress 
on my body is showing.

Never finding peace,
no sense of relief.
What I would give for some rest,
no matter how brief.

Waking in the morning
feeling rested, serene.
Embracing a day 
where my slate is wiped clean.

Oh, what a great day
that one would be.
A day to exhale,
and enjoy being me.