Written by: Osazee Johnson

I smell less when I drink your fragrance
I could care less about what my friends thought when we hold hands.
I touch your skin and all I feel makes me speechless
I feel helpless when I grab your chick
Yet I become lifeless when I kiss your lips.
I could own a PHD but with me in your arm am totally brainless 

You’re hope when am hopeless
You‘re home when am homeless
You’re voice when am voiceless
You’re life and without you am a good as lifeless

I held your waist but still felt touch less
I believed in a lot but outside you I trust less
I say I was changeless until I met you
When I leave your side I become heartless
You are my wealth, my money, and my honey
You are the belly carrying my baby

You wouldn’t trustless if I trust 
You wouldn’t be heartless when am your heart
You couldn’t change less when am permanent
You wouldn’t be touch less if am there all the time
You can never break because the ring on your finger is break less.