My Everything

Written by: mike patrick

I'm on the edge of my seat
with one foot out the door
leaving everything behind
as i look back once more...

I see my entire life...
and everything it could be
I see my everything
falling away from me

everything I want 
is hidden within your eyes
to live life with you
is worth a million tries

to see you smile just once
is my goal of the day
to live, to laugh, to love
in the most simple way

I look into the past expecting only darkness
yet to my surprise I see a flame burning strong
I sit back in my seat and start to think...
maybe... wow... just maybe... I was wrong.

our eyes may be an illusion
but a heart never lies
the day we met...
even the angels cried

as we played in their tears 
I fell head over heels
as I thought to myself...
this is how true love feels

with one foot out the door
I look back once more...
all I see is you... my everything.