Written by: Marycile Beer

I look upon a dam today
That nature didn't build
The water wasn't gentle
As the rocks will soon reveal

The danger it is producing
From rain and melted snow
Has caused problems to others
Where the river flows below

The rocks that surround the dam
Have for centuries stood
And gave into the urgings
Of Mother Natures mood

Cracked and crumbling
They do a danger pose
But the man made bridge below it
Allow the mystery to unfold

Their colors and their shapes and size
Were finally brought to light
As the waters and the wind
Pushed the dirt aside

Some of them are red
Some of them are brown
Some of them are green with moss
And some of them are tan

Native foliage in cracks are found
Purple lupin and yellow clover abound
Blue sage brush and mountain dandelions too
Give new life to this awesone view

And as we leave this scene of scenes
The mountain walls do grow
Some rounded intermingling humps
The sharp ones behind could have snow

I look upon the huge red wall
Its remindes me of red clay
The kind I used to play in
Which are now three states away

The white rocks on top this wall
Near match the clouds above
Each rock is different and like the clouds
Change at natures touch

But half way down the red wall
White and blacks stripes come into play
And there on the ground below
Pieces of the stripes do lay

The grassy mountains lucious green
Beckon cattle near
But the forests here are all dead trees
From a fire just last year

Mear words can not discribe 
What I really see 
No matter how hard I try
It's a small bit of heaven to me

           Cile Beer