Written by: Carel Jean Abulencia

Time has its own gap when we say hello.
We race through it for us not to go.
Joys and sadness we cherished in this gap.
To reminisce it with you is one good luck.

I race through time to find someone like you.
I sit in this earth just to wait for you. 
I don’t know if I’ll find you but here I am. 
I’ll just have to trust fate to bring me to you by time.

Waiting for you will never bother me
For I know you’ll come because it’s meant to be.
We’re here by fate, I know, coz’ here I am.
I waited till the sun sets for you to come.

It may be naïve for them when they see,
But they didn’t know anything ‘bout you and me.
Say what they want, but they can never break.
Love is our armor that time had bind and sealed.