An After Fear

Written by: Joel Lee

There was a strange whisper at first
A strange light in the distance as well
Yet a pure comfort had felt like love
Of silence in a mind… withheld

And the dark was seen clearer then the light
Encompassing all there was... untouch
Like life known to have lived to have died
Beautiful, if only to perceive as such

Time was of no relevant here
Perhaps only dreams can be welcomed as close
It seem a place enriched of after fear
Those of where honest hearts never flow

And moving in the stillness of time
Yearnings were alluring, feelings were forsaking
It feels and it felt to be a million years behind
Troubles as troubling yet desired in desiring

From without… within… chants withheld and I withhold
Yet, all was forgotten…deprive of a place to stay
And I couldn’t sympathize with the givens to enfold
And I know, no more am I entitled to remember this day