Done with you

Written by: Heather Bateman

Is there something wrong with me 
You will go out with her and she is my age 
Then you lie to me and say that your parents don't like me 
Then you go off and date my best friend who is my age 
wow I can not believe I ever liked you 

I am tired of trying to act like I am still not upset about the whole thing 
You are a great friend to me most of the time but I don't think you are a great person 
You love to play with my heart 
I thought since you knew what I have been through you would understand 
There was something I was wrong about because you don't understand any of it 

I am tried of dealing with you 
I am tried of getting calls from you at midnight 
I am tried of everything 
You need to keep holding on even if I am not here for you 
goodbye for now call me when you have your life figured out and your done with my friend 
It hurts to much to talk to you