Written by: Joel Lee

From before, the day seems different today
A day vanishing silently to the fall of night
A moment less fulfilling returns to stray
Where of resurrections of moments died?

Bittersweet from a subtle kiss
Alive and vibrant, soulless and dispirited
To moments… to someone missed
Of feelings thought to unlearn, let be restricted

Surrendering as a victor who sighs
Searching in vain in unorthodoxy
Believing in truths, returning in lies
Of moments found in tranquility

As balances un-root and unwind
From a day before, I see not today
Dependency unfolds in disregarded time
With certainty to acknowledge to keep at bay

A riddle stands atween and along
An enigma to welcome yet, the encounter
From the start till the end to belong
Where of paths to cross in moments, forever?