The Blue Pill Case

Written by: Oscar Mascarenhas

This is a work of total fiction, And the name "Mr.Ray" is a part of my imagination


"Your dog has been caught terrorizing other animals,
 Mr.Ray you have been charged with a heinous crime."
"But it's not my fault Your Highness"
"Then who fed him the pills ten times?"

"He must've eaten 'em while I was away,
 He's very naughty at times, I must say.
 So you see I'm not to blame,
 You can't charge me, its too lame."

"Anyways Milord I assume you have no proof,
 And I swear by the pills I'm tellin' the truth."
"Dont be too sure Mr. Ray,
 Call in the witness, lets see what she has to say."

"Damn Im done....."

"Ok I'm guilty, but I will show no shame,
 It was all just a stupid dare game."
"Five years of imprisonment Mr. Ray"
"But Milord, Look at him, he's happy and....GAY????" **


**The concluding line has been left to the reader's imagination......