A Silver Slide

Written by: Virginia Muller

I wander through a
thicket of broken branches
and dense leaves as
shimmering, silver water
forms a silken slide,
as it descends o'er top
a high mountain peak.

Colors of gray, blue & yellows glint
as they bounce off a bright sun, forming
rainbows against an epoch which
slowly fades into an eve of
pinks and melon hues.

Spittles of water splash
into the air, like tiny diamonds.
Splaying about on soft
mossy mounds of green
carpeted rocks at a 
lowermost portion of the falls.

Calm breezes speak 
through branches of
trees laden with viridity,
capturing fire beetles
of intense, yet susuruously,
flickering light.

Intense sounds
resonate from below
this spectacular fountain,
as aquatic plants display
their beauty in a slowly
darkening surrounding.

Thus once again, bringing 
peace and tranquility.
Leaving one breathless
to an ever changing, dynamical 
universe, as my wandering 
continues through this thicket 
of broken branches and dense leaves......