Written by: Juan Paolo Galua

The background was muted and blurred as we dance

For all of our senses are numb save the heart

Vivid to me is your voice and your form only

For your presence swallowed up everything


Exaltation and music made our dance move fluid

And in our repeated circulation

We are suddenly caught by a whirl of tenderness

Pricking our hearts with excitement tip needles


Your concupiscent hold on my waist

Stirred sunken love granules in my stomach

It rose up and sent red strokes on my cheek

Only to reveal my hidden weakness


You just smile by the accidental confession

Yet I see in your eyes a sweet premonition

Flashes about you and I in varied style

Performing sensuous ritual for soul union


This is not a steamy dream you see?

To be seize by love is to conquer time

This moment is most precious to me

I won’t trade this to insipid immortality