Inhale, Exhale, Eyes Closed

Written by: Destiny Budd

Cleansing breath
Clearing mind
Start out fresh
Leave all behind

Inhale till I'm full
Exhale to be empty
Close eyes to be clear
Get rid of all memory

Inhale, exhale, eyes closed
I wait to feel relief
But my chest feels worse
And sights begin to haunt me

Congested, I can't breathe
Like I haven't ever exhaled
Or my heart has clogged
And my lungs have failed

At war in darkness
Open eyes brought more peace
Like a movie put on inside
"The Life and Death of Me"

I take off in attempt
Foot in front of foot
Forward in escape
But ahead of me it stood

I wake up from a blackout
Open eyes to see defeat
I guess I'd have to face it sometime
So I'll take a front row seat

May 2010