The Wolf Man - The Begining

Written by: SillyBilly theKidster

"It's finally arrived," he thought relaxed by his campfire.
He waited all his life for this day. The day he would retire,
and after saying his good byes to all that he loved
he ventured deep into the wilderness, where clouds hug mountain tops above.
It's been days now perhaps weeks since he last saw society.
He was now one with himself and with nature, liberated and free.
No sooner had he had these thoughts ever so serene
did he find himself looking eye to eye at a huge grizzly.
The beast was only about 15 feet away.
It's pointless to run now, you'll only trigger the bear's predatory state
and there isn't anywhere to run to anyway. 
He couldn't help but think to himself, "This may be my very last day."
The words of an old friend flashed through his mind
who was very knowledgeable about behavior of the grizzly bear kind.
'You must not only not display any fear on the outside of you
you must truly be fearless all within you too.
You can display the world's greatest poker face
but if inside you fear for your life, you will lose this deadly game and race.
The bear can smell fear as well as aggression.
If the bear smells either on you, you then become prey or enemy to them."
The bear's massive head began to sink down low.
That's an aggressive stance in case you didn't know,
then the bear raised it's head and sniffed all around the air.
The bear grunted somewhat, 
turned and displayed its back 
then walked off into the forest as it slowly disappeared.
He stood there still motionless as the bear disappeared before his eyes.
He then proceeded to throw up and faint nearly missing the campfire.
When he'd awaken the next day to the morning birds sweet song,
It would be his new birthday. The Wolf Man is born.
While unconscious, the local wolf pack emerged and surrounded him.
When he awakens the next morning, The Wolf Man Legend begins.
To Be Continued.