Written by: Juan Paolo Galua

Breath the sigh of relief
coming from the trees
out of the threat
that they might be perish
by the mighty race

Inhale that celestial wind
whirling and whistling
Smelling now of the souls
it sweep along the way
to replenish your spirit

Inhale the scattered fragrance
of God, it's the smell of life
Feel its sweetness
its vigor seeps within you
Drifting in blood
as it passes your heart,
Sense its cleansing power
as it washes the stains of your soul
and slowly oust the residue

Run to the river
and in the rustling water
gushing forth from the breast of earth
Dip your feet
Listen to their scintillating murmurs
the message is sailing with their rhythm
they speak:
"We flow to wash away
your regrets and sorrows"
Let their cleansing current dilute
the angst of your spirit

Embrace the streaks
of the dawn's sun
Relish his bold rays
as it vaporize
your insecurities and fears
Sheding light to your shadows
who's chasing after you